1984 – 199?: Tap Dancer

My 6th grade end-of-year performance introduced me to tap dancing. A girl wanted to do a tap-dancing piece and I volunteered to participate. I then started attending a local dance studio (this was still while living in the USA). After moving with my family back to Israel I had to take a break because there wasn’t much tap-dancing in Israel. When my family moved again we arrived in a city where there was a studio that did offer tap classes and I reconnected. I really enjoyed tap dancing.

Durign my teen years I participated in a few performance productions (there are some old videos that my parents probably still have). I continued to advance as a “professional hobbyist” and in my twenties also taught for a few years (other kids, like I was when I got started!). Tap dancing slowly gave way to my career and to life but to this day my feet sometimes move of their own accord 🙂

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