2007 – 2015: Founder – Sweet Clarity

SweetClarity was a wish to bring inspiring art to digital screens that were beginning to pop up and dominate public spaces.

Sweet Clarity was born from my work as a photographer working alongside improvisation performance artists:

  1. I was unable to find a doorway into the “art establishment.”
  2. During small events and exhibitions, I played with converting still images into sequenced presentations which took on a story-telling quality.
  3. Digital screens were popping up in public places (usually with advertising which felt like pollution).

And so, an idea was born to create a facilitated platform that would enable artists to self publish story-telling presentations that would be presented in public places. The wish was to provide ad-hoc moments of inspiration through an informal meeting with art (while waiting for your coffee, as opposed to while standing in an art gallery).

Initially I invested some money and paid for some branding and prototyping. But that didn’t get very far. So I decided to study web-development and attempt to build a prototype on my own. The prototype had 3 major components:

  1. An administrative application for managing artists, presentations and customers (LAMP)
  2. A presentation editing tool that enabled artists to transform a sequence of stills into a sequenced and timed presentation (autosaving Javascript).
  3. An image processing backend that could adapt images to different resolutions and screen sizes and orientations.
  4. A screening app that could play presentations (Flash).

I also created a conceptual design for a “mood-setting” application that would enable customers to integrate audio sources with the video presentations to create a holistic mood in a space.

I invested ~2 years actively trying to give this life. It felt like it was falling between the cracks of startup and art cultures. It continued to live on in my heart (and for some years online) until I decided to let it go.

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