2010 – now: Website Designer – Yoga Studies

YogaStudies is a website administered by my Yoga teacher. It is a repository of resources created to honor and preserve a lineage of teachers and teachings.

Long before I knew anything about web development I remember that every yearly Yoga retreat, by the end of the reteat, my teacher would have the schedule for next year updated on his website. I was impressed.

Years later I had become comfortable and established in WordPress. I remember looking at his website with fresh eyes and realizing how limited it was. It was a static website built with DreamWeaver that he edited locally and uploaded to a server. I wanted to help make it better, to help my teacher be able to publish more and to do so with more ease. It took a couple of years of gentle offerings until he consented.

Working on this with my teacher has given me an opportunity to create a unique online resource while deepening my relationship with my teacher. Working on it has given me a sense of value and purpose by contributing to the preservation of a lineage of teachings.

The site has gone through numerous major iterations that have seen both its technical infrastructure and content architecture evolve. It is based on WordPress with a customized theme and customized plugins. At the heart of its information is a Sanskrit Glossary that is linked to and cross-links between other resources.

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