1996 – 2001: Universty Sudent – Social Sciences

Open University Israel – Bachelors degree in Social Sciences

As my career was progressing I was encouraged to get an academic degree (or two) to open future doors. I completed a bachelor’s degree in distance learning while holding a full-time job.

To support my own learning process I developed a database application (MS-Access) into which I entered keywords, names of people, definitions and summaries all of which were cross-referenced. It became a kind of personal Wikipedia. I could, for example, review all the courses and terms in which Freud was mentioned. I also used the application to print out very dense cheat sheets when these were allowed in exams.

One of my final papers (I remember it took some convincing to get permission for it) was an exploration of how UML and patterns can apply to social sciences, with an applied example to the cause of wars: English | Hebrew

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